On January 22, 2014 , PT Sentra Usahatama Jaya held Rakornas ( National Coordination Meeting ) in Soehanal Hall , The Energy Building , SCBD . The event, themed " Improving the efficiency of the company with the support of competent human resources towards global competition " is a series of agenda preparation of corporate strategy , where the process of formulating a strategy and work plan for the year 2014 the company has started since the end of August of 2013.

The event opened with Nandong art presented by Agus Nur Amal namely Agus PMTOH . Furthermore Arletta Danisworo as MC began to open and guide the course of events . As a culture that has been implemented in the PT Sentra Usahatama Jaya , Rakornas participants consisting of management and the invitations started the event with a prayer followed singing Indonesia Pusaka and Mars Samora . Furthermore, Mr. Yohan Setiawan as President Director of Samora Group gave a speech and was continued by Mr. Hansen Setiawan as President Director of PT Sentra Usahatama Jaya .

Rakornas presented 2 speakers from outside that Ryan Kiryanto , BNI economist who tells about macroeconomic conditions in Indonesia , and Tjahjadi Lukiman , business practitioners who long struggled with the Astra Group and Triputra Group which tells about the essay book titled " Right Process Will Bring Great Resullts " . All participants were enthusiastic to listen to presentations from the speakers and Q & A session lasts quite interactive .

After lunch , participants were entertained with games Rakornas of Angklung Angklung House team . In this session Angklung House team give each participant one piece angklung to then be played interactively together . The event was followed by administration of appreciation , which is a celebration to show appreciation to employees who actively follow the company's program in 2013 . The 5 categories are given :

- SS ( Suggestion System ) Best for Head Office

- SS ( Suggestion System ) best for Cilegon Factory

- Trainer favorite trainee selection

- The most active department in the training program

- Departmen most active in following the safety program

The next came at the core of Rakornas , which kick off / getting commitment . The entire work plan documents that have been made ​​by the management of documents signed by the owner and his boss , as a testament to the commitment of the management -related targets and plan their work in 2014. Symbolically also given books to the directors of strategic blueprint that contains the grand strategy of the company and all work plans of all Ministries in 2014.

The event closed with a closing statement from Mr. Hansen Setiawan , who recalled the importance of implementing corporate values ​​, namely IC STAR , in the running of daily activities. Last of all participants joined hands to sing a song Theme Song Samora and the event closed with prayer .