PT Sentra Usahatama Jaya visit to Al - i'anah Islamic Boarding School

The management of PT Sentra Usahatama Jaya (SUJ) visited the Pondok Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) in the neighborhood of Al-I'anah Anchors Wetan, Tegal Queen Village, District Ciwandan, Saturday (26/4).

The heat of the midday sun, will not deter the management of PT. SUJ in touch with the residents of Al-I'anah Ponpes. Around 12:45 pm, PT . SUJ management group came together with a box car that transports a wide variety of goods, including mattresses, rice, gloves and cap. These items are given as relief package of realization of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is distributed several times a year. The arrival of the delegation was greeted Al-I'anah boarding school caretaker with a smile as he invited the group to get into the hall space that has been provided.

A few moments later, the students and female students who had just finished studying the lessons in the school, gathered hall filled the room. In the room, there was a warm-hearted amongst the PT. SUJ and boarding school which was then topped off with the help of a symbolic handover of the management of PT . SUJ to the Boarding School Al-I'anah. Representing PT. SUJ management, Human Resources & General Affairs Head PT. SUJ Reinnald Siregar said, as usual, PT. SUJ always share happiness with society through social programs, especially to those living in the surrounding area of the PT. SUJ. "Our existence can not be separated from the existence and role of the community".

For that, our company is not only a profit-oriented but also must be able to provide benefits to the community. Including students and female students are there clouds in the Al-I'anah ponpes this, "he said.Leaders Boarding School Al-Junaidi Hasun I'anah A PT. SUJ welcomed the intention to establish a relationship through his visit. "We are very grateful for the visit and the help given by PT. SUJ," he said. Junaidi hope, visits by PT. SUJ not only take place once. However it can be done on an ongoing basis, considering the students are still in need of assistance to meet their needs for education in boarding school Al-I'anah.

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