Employee Gathering SUJ 2014 Batch 1

Family Gathering

Family gathering event held by PT . SUJ once every 1 year a large family gathering event PT SUJ , the event brought together not only fellow employees as a whole , even the employee's family as a whole , this is an event that is eagerly awaited event which brought to gether all colleagues not in forms of employment such as day-to- day , but in the form of other meetings more informal ,even each other we can get to know each other again not only in the form of the Department and division but more broadly.

The event this year family gathering was held at Dufan , Ancol , Jakarta on February 16th, 2014 , event was enlivened by all the employees PT. SUJ from  funny host , dancing Caesar by employees or children of employees and do not forget the door prize draw is 1 unit motorcycle. The contents of this event was not only met but there are games and team work are increasingly strengthen each other . after the show on stage is completed , employees can enjoy all the rides in dufan.