CSR Program : Health charity PT. SUJ in villages Tegal Ratu Ciwandan

Take place in villages Tegal Ratu Ciwandan PT.SUJ management held a charity mass treatment to local people, ranging from children, teens, adults to the elderly, pt.suj not only limit free health care to the residents but also to the migrants, especially the students of modern pesantren al-hasyimiah.

According From HRD PT SUJ, social work in the health sector in the form of mass medication is one of the CSR programs, in addition to the field of health, PT. SUJ also routinely carry out CSR programs in education and the arts.

based on the decision of the company, people who were around pt.suj should get prioritized CSR program, including the students and the board of trustees of Islamic education. mass treatment activities, the SUJ collaboration with clinic prima husada which are in sub Ciwandan to serve 250 heads of families in villages. Rainald, Public Relations of PT SUJ, hoping coordination and communication between the company and residents who have been well established will be more closely by doing activities together, especially for the benefit of society.